And so it begins

A little over a year ago, my husband Tim and I bought our first house. To my husband, it meant a GIANT new project, because while it is totally liveable, pretty much every room needed updating or changing. To me, it meant learning roughly 900,000 new skills.

My husband and I can be a bit of an odd couple about this sort of thing. Tim grew up with parents who owned apartments that needed maintenance and renovated a Victorian home to turn into a bed and breakfast. I had parents who painted the wood paneling in our living room that one time. Tim tells stories about renting heavy machinery and using surveyors’ tools to determine where to dig for their in-ground pool, or climbing around on scaffolding like monkeys stripping paint off of siding. I was given $100 when we moved to our new home in the second grade to “redecorate” my new room and blew most of it on one wall of what my mother claims was the priciest wallpaper in the book. Tim doesn’t bat an eye when determining which posts on our apartment porch would support his hammock. I went to architecture school and still cannot picture spaces in terms of square footage. Tim has got skills, I have got…willingness to learn? (And apparently expensive taste when I was eight, but I’ve grown out of that mostly.)

Basically, we were about to set off on an adventure together, which was going to require immense patience, determination, creativity, and relearning all of the power tool skills that have grown rusty since I no longer build models in the basement of the architecture school. (Seriously, I used to not bat an eye at the table saw, but the first time I used Tim’s reciprocating saw, I about dropped it in terror.) It was going to take Many New Tools, and little jars of paint samples, and poking for things online for a more reasonable price. It was going to require staring at pictures of other people’s bathrooms, and making decisions on an underwhelming number of ventilation/light fixtures and an overwhelming number of faucet choices, and suddenly forming an opinion on whether cable heating in the floor is worth the cost. (For the record, we don’t know yet, but we’re pretty sure the answer is “yes” and our cats will probably second that. We’ll get back to you later in the fall.) Together we’d be making the house that we bought into a home.

It’s an adventure and I am glad to be on it with my favorite person. You’re welcome to come along for the ride. You know, from your side of the computer monitor.

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