Weekend Update – Countertop and backsplash

After a weekend full of football and renovation, we are a few steps away from a functional vanity. Life is delightful.

1) Tim arranges tile on Friday, while we try to decide on layout. 2) Applying marble adhesive to the wall. 3) Tile installed.

Tim was raring to go on things when I got home from work on Friday, so he cut all of the tile for the backsplash and the marble for the countertop on the vanity (after a minor repair on the tile saw: maybe not so much with not cleaning the pump before storing it for a few months), while I smoothed the edges of the marble with a rubbing block. We got the marble for the counter at Buckeye Marble and Granite, during a remnant sale they were having, since we had such a small area to cover. (They had some big pieces, too, so if you’re looking for a larger piece of stone, that’s a great place to start.) They included finished edges in the price of our piece, but since we weren’t sure how wide we’d need it, we only had them finish the front and one side. I managed to replicate the bevel on the unfinished side pretty well and round the corner, so the two sides of the vanity more or less match.

Tim’s plans changed in the morning, so he glued the counter pieces down while I got ready and then we started in on the tile for the backsplash. Since it’s such a small area, it was more of a one-person job, but I did have the important function of holding the marble tiles along the top in place while Tim placed the glass mosaic band below and shimmed everything into place and level. We hit a minor speedbump in that the marble tiles which Tim got from a coworker who had extra (yay, free building supplies, and marble to boot!) was thicker than the glass mosaic. Tim thought to cut pieces of 1/4″ tile backer board to go behind the mosaic, so the mosaic pieces are now slightly thicker than the marble above, but it looks better than them being shadowed by the overhang. After that short setback, things went fairly smoothly and we got the tile done before Tim went to the OSU game. I gave the tile some time to set before cleaning it off thoroughly and then sealed it later that evening with stone enhancer and sealer, to make grouting easier.

1) Installing grout carefully. 2) Preparing to wipe down excess grout thoroughly. 3) Waaay too much extra grout. Fail.

Sunday was my day to do the work, since Tim had run 20 miles and was tired. We ran to Home Depot to get grout, as we’d used all of our white grout up on the shower area, and picked up a pizza on the way home to eat while we watched some football. After lunch and an errand, I grouted the tile, wiping down carefully after it was set a little. We learned our lesson after it took us two days to get all of the grout remnant off the tiles in the shower. I had been really good about continually wiping down the floor as I grouted that (I think it’s safe to say I’d gone over each tile at least 15 times, constantly thinking about buffing little bits of white haze off the shower tile), so it didn’t need scrubbing after it was set. I think I managed to do the same for the backsplash, because when I went to check it after a few hours and give it another wipedown, there was barely any haze. Yay!

Now I need to seal the grout sometime this week and Tim can caulk the edges of the sink and backsplash and the whole top part of the vanity will be functional! We can brush our teeth upstairs. We can start filling the medicine cabinet with bottles and combs and toothpaste and contact solution. We should probably hold off on filling the drawers of the vanity, however, because the next step there is hardware, and we’d have to move everything out to do that anyway. But other than that, we have a shower, tub, toilet, and sink, so it’s like a real life bathroom! Oh…except for how we still don’t have a door! That is a project (and post) for another day!


2 comments on “Weekend Update – Countertop and backsplash

  1. EMG says:

    When I see the words “Weekend Update” I expect them to be followed by “with Dennis Miller” or “with Tina Fey.”

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