Happy birthday, Tim!

Today is Tim’s birthday! He is such an amazing guy, that I’d love to take a moment to share just a few of the things that I dig about him.

1) Tim is patient. This is so important to me, as someone who is still learning to do things and makes mistakes. He walks through the steps of projects and explains things clearly, and he doesn’t get annoyed when I ask questions. He loves to share his wisdom and experience, and has helped some of our friends out with their own home projects. He has faith in my ability to pick things up (even when I am a little unsure myself) and often offers to let me use the power tools or try the next step in a project and gives me the best tips to make the outcome successful. (Except for the reciprocating saw, which I still am too jumpy to work correctly.) His support is amazing, and it makes learning and building together so worthwhile.

Cutting the subfloor for the toilet drain. We had to bust out some rusty geometry skills to get this one right!

2) Tim is determined and resourceful. When we hit snags in projects, he will examine the situation and come up with a solution. He approaches each challenge with logic and it’s really fun to bounce ideas around with him, because sometimes my out-of-the-box (because I don’t really know the process) thinking will spark an idea for him. A problem that crops up might add hours to a project, but Tim never gets negative about it, just tackles everything head-on.

Tim looks like a superhero while standing on the tub. He is re-attaching the ceiling drywall after shimming it when we realized it was not level.

3) Tim has style. If we were living in an average sitcom, Tim would want to paint all of the walls in his favorite sports colors, and I would be suggesting frilly throw pillows and fussy lamps. Or he would grunt whenever I asked his opinion on a style of furniture and turn his attention back to The Game. (Dudes on TV are really into sports, right? I mean, on average sitcoms? I can’t think of that many sports-obsessed dudes on the sitcoms I actually like.) Luckily, we live in real life, and Tim has definite opinions on what he likes and what looks good. Despite being a bred in the bone bargain hunter, he is not afraid to spend a little to get something he knows he’ll like better, which is why we have a fancy sink in our bathroom, after having dismissed lots of other cheaper sinks as not being right for the space. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s the cheaper version of even MORE expensive sinks. We do not make it rain for the bathroom-fixtures industry for no reason.) With a guy with an eye that good, I know we’ll end up with a house full of beautiful, warm and inviting spaces, with not a whiff of “man cave” to be found.

Tim takes an ice bath the morning after we installed the bathtub. That tub is gorgeous, long enough for our legs to stretch out, and cast iron to hold heat. Another fine choice by Tim!

4) Tim takes pleasure in a job well done. Some people might have taken one look at the scariness in the walls of our bathroom when they were down to the studs and covered them back up with drywall without addressing any of the problems correctly. Tim is not one of those people. One of the reasons that our bathroom is turning out great is that he’s taken the time to build things correctly and not skip any steps. Even if something involves a TON of extra work, like shaving down each floor joist until the entire floor was level and then reinforcing the joists (previous plumbing attempts had resulted in the joists being cut through in a way that was most worrisome), so everything is sturdy and secure, Tim will get it right. We’ve seen lots of evidence of corner-cutting in our house, and from here on out, that is not going to be the case any more.

Tim was out on a ladder for many hours the day we installed the new window. We are glad to know that this window is installed correctly, and look forward to fixing other bonkers problems in our house.

5) Tim is super-great to spend time with. Yeah, this is one of my favorite things, both from a home renovation standpoint and because I get to be married to him. Taking on a giant remodel with a partner that you didn’t like would be really painful, so digging the person you’re spending long days working and shopping and dreaming with is a real treat. I love to hang out with Tim, even if hanging out entails sanding, painting, tiling, framing, carrying, holding, using power tools, or just cruising the aisles of Menards searching for the right stain color. Having a project to work on together is wonderful, and having a guy that I just love crashing on the couch with at the end of a long working day is a real blessing.

Tim is gleeful after using our new tile saw for the first time. He researched for a long time and weighed different options, and we ended up with this professional-grade tile saw that is really easy to use and does a great job.

Happy birthday, Tim! Let’s everyone raise a virtual glass to what an awesome guy my husband is!

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3 comments on “Happy birthday, Tim!

  1. Tim says:

    I know that I am not always the guy you describe here, but you always love me anyway. Thanks.

  2. Doug and Marty Huss says:

    Pretty mushy!!!! But we love Tim too and see many of these same qualities. You two are a great match for each other.

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