Weekend Update: Towpath Marathon

We have no real house updates from the weekend, because Tim and two of his running partners were doing the Towpath Marathon in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was a beautiful day, a little warmer than they’d have liked, but sunny and gorgeous fall colors made the whole experience really picturesque. Or so I’d imagine, as a lot of my pictures did not turn out. Generally for marathons, my friend ends up being the photographer while I am the one who gets too excited about spotting our runners and starts screaming my fool head off and forgets about pictures. However, she wasn’t along for this trip, so I had to make an effort at my own photography. I discovered my camera’s continuous shooting feature while waiting for the boys to get to the first viewing spot, but it turns out that continuous shooting doesn’t do a lot of good if you’re not aiming the camera particularly well in the first place. I deleted plenty of pictures of random trail, because it’s just too hard to cheer with all of your lungs AND point the camera in the correct direction. What can I say? I have my priorities, and “encouraging runners” trumps “accurate documentation of the day.”

This is one of the only action shots that came out. Tim and the others are very, very tiny in most of them.

The Ohio Canal is totally pretty!

These dudes should be totally proud of themselves! Tim ran a personal best, which he clocked at 3:26:23, but that’s the unofficial time.

Tim did do some errands yesterday (he had Columbus Day off, but I did not) that will hopefully help us make some decisions on wood trim for the bathroom. We’ll probably be heading to the Franklin Art Glass Studio this weekend, with inspiration photos in hand, which I’ll post about a little later in the week. We hope to get some stuff done on the bathroom this weekend, because we’ll be gone the following weekend for a family trip, and then my parents will be around the next weekend. Progress, it can be slow, but you have to live your life in the meantime!

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3 comments on “Weekend Update: Towpath Marathon

  1. Tim says:

    Official time 3:26:12. All three of us had our personal bests! I missed the memo about the gray-black-orange outfit.

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