And so we’re back

So, radio silence. Sorry about that.

I’ve had the pleasure a few times in the past month of showing someone new around our home. A friend from college was in the city (of course I had to drag her to a Liz Lessner restaurant and then to Jeni’s), and then that very same evening, my best friend from grade school stayed at our house with her husband while on a trip out West. We hosted a surprise birthday party for my dad with TONS of relatives (we figured it’d be fine if the rain held off, which it did not, but even with the house bursting at the seams, everyone seemed to have a good time). Every time I walk someone through the house, or just show off our latest project, I remember how proud I am of what we’re doing and the home we’re making. Which is really what Little Bronze Lion is about. So, back to blogging.

Just because I shut my yap doesn’t mean we ground to a halt on all projects. We had a very exciting half-room remodel that added a MUCH desired function to our home. We did a little yardwork, which went a long way, though the recent heat wave is threatening to kill some of our plants dead. I took on an update that took me WAY longer than I had anticipated (and also, like, 600% more spray paint than we counted on) in preparation for Dad’s party, with plenty of photos along the way. And we’re totally paying two separate contractors to do stuff for us RIGHT NOW! (I know! That being said, we are totally down with paying experts to do things that will either take us a lot of time to do correctly or are not in our skill set. The lovely plumbers we used for some major work during our bathroom remodel were totally worth it, because it kept our project moving rather than spending two months of weekends figuring out a whole new drain and fixing our water pressure so we could actually take a shower and run a sink in a different room. It’s marvelous.) Plus, there are several rooms yet to be documented for the House Tour before we take a sledgehammer to plaster. (You know, I don’t know if we own a sledgehammer. If nothing else, a hammer and crowbar to plaster, I guess.)

Let’s get back to it!

(PS, Total apologies if Miss Gloria Gaynor is now wailing in your head about surviving due to the title. I suggest you just do a little spin when you get to the “just turn around now” like you’re dancing at a wedding. I maybe just did.)


2 comments on “And so we’re back

  1. Doug and Marty Huss says:

    So happy to see a blog. I had set up to get email when you posted new entries and finally found out that it works!!!!

    • Kate says:

      Hee, an e-mail. I didn’t even realize that could be set up on here. I’m an RSS person all the way. With all of the cousins who have blogs, I’m surprised you don’t have one as well. I can show you the next time we’re at the computer!

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