Kelley’s Island

I spent the whole week dealing with an infection on my work computer, which had also gotten to our file server, but more annoyingly (to me as a person, not to me as an employee), also on my camera. I couldn’t open my camera or work with any pictures for my planned blog posts for the week either at work or at home (for fear of infecting our home computers, though I’d had my camera open plenty of times). Mean old worms from 2009 that travel via USB can bite me. Our rockstar IT contractors helped out so much and rescued the two computers (miraculously, it hadn’t gotten to the other computers on our network, despite potentially having been dormant on my computer for over a year), and managed to clean my camera without trashing some house project pictures AND my vacation photos. To celebrate, here is a post with (relatively) little talking and a lot of lake-ogling.

Setup: For my Dad’s 65th birthday, he wanted to get a cottage at Lakeside on Lake Erie and have the whole family come visit. We used to do this a lot in the summers growing up, though it tapered off when my family moved to New Jersey. It had been 12 years since we’d been, and I think that’s the last time we’d had a family vacation as well. I enjoyed the heck out of myself, although I only pulled out my camera for a day trip to Kelley’s Island with Tim and my little sister Mel. We walked over 8 miles and explored a lot of beautiful nature, before visiting the winery and a brewpub (where we had a “late snack” of tons of fried foods and starches). We had a lovely time and think we’ll be making a trip to Kelley’s Island a tradition whenever we visit Lakeside.

Without further ado, pictures!

Ferry ride from Marblehead to Kelley’s Island.

Tim and Mel performing balancing feats during the choppy ferry ride.

Glacial Grooves. I find glacial formations to be awesome, though we’d probably skip these in the future.

After the Grooves, we went down to the beach and walked along the edge of the lake to another trail. Tim’s mastery of his cell phone GPS helped us greatly that day. Though he kept getting “international roaming” warnings, since there was a Canadian island nearby.

Mel in Lake Erie.

Sisters. Also, that is Canada behind us! What up, Canadian island?

We found a trail along the rock quarry, which was filled with water. (The quarry, not the trail.) This was the most beautiful part of the day, we felt like we were hanging out in Colorado.

Rock formation at the quarry.

Honestly, we’ll go back here every time we visit the island in the future. It was amazing.

Tim and I at the quarry.

Mel suddenly announced that a spot made her “want to do a bridge” so Tim joined her. These are the people I love dearly.

This was my favorite house on the island. It wasn’t the biggest or fanciest, but it was SO charming.

Tired, tired feet on the ferry ride home. We asked Mom to come pick us up from the ferry, because we weren’t sure we’d do great with the mile-long walk back to the cottage.

That is probably the smallest number of words I’ve ever posted. Have a lovely weekend, enjoy this last bit of summertime. We’ll be back in the swing next week!

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5 comments on “Kelley’s Island

  1. Heather says:

    I didn’t realize Lakeside was a Chautauqua member! If your ever in western New York, definitely make a stop at . We’ve only ever gone for day trips when we are out in Erie, but it is a blast!

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. The variety of learning experiences is awesome: my dad and aunt went to a few lectures, plus my dad took a digital photography “course.” The entertainment in the evenings is always lovely, and there are just tons of things to do there. I remembered a little bit of this from my childhood, but going as an adult, I can really appreciate it now!

  2. Doug and Marty Huss says:

    Loved looking at these and reading your commentary.

  3. […] St Judes as well as my dad who celebrated his 65th birthday with a surprise party at our house! We explored Kelley’s Island with my sister during a family vacation to Lakeside. Tim and I also had an awesome hike on Mt […]

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