Cable in the kitchen!

Okay, as I mentioned in the home tour yesterday, we undertook a little project over the weekend: installing a TV and cable in the kitchen! (By “we” I of course mean Tim. I helped hold the TV in place while he screwed the mount on the back of it, but other than that, I was outlet shopping for nearly the entire project.)

It’s worth noting that I am a little bit of a television fiend. Several of my friends are unplugged from cable, and while Tim and I have discussed it, he decided he’d like to be able to watch sports in our home, whereas I would hate doing without a DVR, which I understand is a luxury, but it’s such a useful tool to me. We’d been with DirectTV since we moved, but had a separate internet service, so consolidating services to WOW meant we’d be saving money. Tim is excellent at researching new service options (he regularly checks out things like car insurance to make sure it’s worth staying where we’re at), so he presented a bunch of options to me and we decided to make the switch. One of the benefits of our new package is that we can tape 6 things at once (I’d usually skip taping things and watch them online later if I knew we’d have regular timeslot conflicts), which is delightful. But even more exciting, the package we chose lets you have a second cable box (which accesses the DVR) for just a few extra dollars a month. So even though we’re a long time from redoing the kitchen, Tim ran cable and electric in the corner by the door so we’d have a TV in the kitchen!

Things always look bonkers in the middle of a project. We’re not the kind of people to have wires all exposed like that, no worries, it did not stay.

There are a few extra holes in the wall, because Tim discovered while trying to find the stud on which he planned to install the mount that in order to…save material (we think?) the structure of the wall where we were installing the TV was bonkers. Instead of a 2×4 running normally in the wall (3.5″ deep), the builder (or whoever patched the wall, we’re not sure when this was done) put a 1×4 running the wrong way (3.5″ wide, but only .75″ deep), so the wall wasn’t the right depth. Tim was understandably nervous about installing the TV on such a flimsy structure, so he moved the whole thing over to the right and found a normal stud in the wall and he hung the TV from that. It’s a little further over than we’d intended, but it was pretty much our only option, so we can definitely live with it.

And here it is after the cable had been run properly and Tim and our electrician friend installed the wiring for the outlet. All cords properly corralled, and the outlets are nice and hidden by the TV when it’s flat to the wall.

(Ignore how the TV is slightly crooked there, the mount has a little wiggle room, and I didn’t realize it was off after I pushed it back in place until after I’d taken a few pictures.) Now we have TV in the kitchen! I cannot wait to knock things off the DVR while I’m chopping veggies. I feel like most of the USA shows are MADE for this situation, right? Dicing a sweet potato while half-watching White Collar just seems right. Tim gave up Glee last year (I’m thisclose to doing it myself, but I am a completist who has a hard time breaking up with shows, in addition to being a Broadway junkie so…it’s going to take a little more), so now I’ll be able to mostly-ignore the dumb dialogue while simmering soup, and still catch awesome musical numbers. We’ll still watch good TV from the couch, but marathoning Friends reruns while I’m baking cookies just sounds so cozy. We even listened to the local news last night while prepping dinner. It’s paying off already!

Sorry for my silly excitement, but this is something I’d kept putting off as “someday, we’ll do this” and when Tim presented an option to do it now, it was pretty awesome to me. Now I’m off to find a super-familiar movie to listen to while I wash some dishes!


5 comments on “Cable in the kitchen!

  1. Doug and Marty Huss says:

    “While You Were Sleeping” is a super familiar movie :)

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