Matchy mouthwash

I am not a girl who only buys things in her favorite color. (Though I respect the heck out of Marie’s commitment to purple in Breaking Bad. Every time they reveal a new purple furnishing, I clap with delight.) I gravitate towards certain colors, sure, but I won’t just pick things up because they’re my current favorite color. That being said, I own a lot of clothing in a particular shade of teal, which ranges from a bright jewel tone, all the way down to a pretty saturated dark version of the color. It has gotten to the point where Tim will point something out as being “my color.” No, true story, he told me he almost bought me a teal sweatshirt from the Eddie Bauer outlet because it was that color.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the medicine cabinet one morning to discover Tim had bought a new kind of mouthwash and it was my color! While I suspect he chose whatever was on sale (I’m pretty sure it just happens to be the store generic) and didn’t chose it for the color, I also am pretty certain that it at least crossed his mind that it was “my color.” Not that I ever minded the little minty green mouthwash, but this has made me smile a little every time I’ve opened the cabinet ever since it appeared. Good morning, teal!

(Confession, I totally put on this t-shirt for this shot. And neglected to clean the mirror before I took it. Heh. Real life.)

Also, yeah, we keep our mouthwash in a little glass bottle in the cabinet. It’s an old salad dressing bottle, which we saved and reused for homemade dressing for a bit because we loved the shape of it. Unfortunately, while the cap fits pretty well, it would leak just a little when you shook the dressing up, so now the bottle holds a convenient amount of mouthwash that fits in the cabinet and looks awesome. It’s much more pleasant than dragging the clunky giant plastic bottle out from under the sink. Clearly we don’t live in a stylized world where we repackage our vitamins into chic ceramic containers or anything, but a little bit of pretty in the medicine cabinet is always welcome. And now it’s teal!


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