Living Room – Before

Okay, this has been a bonkers week. Trying to get back into the routine of things is always hard. My parents are coming for the weekend to cheer on some Buckeyes, so I took advantage of the clean house to snap some photos for another house tour post. Welcome to our living room!

I continue to be deeply grateful that we took pictures of the house empty before we moved in. The idea for the blog came along later, but Tim was always interested in documenting our progress on the house, so we photographed a lot of stuff along the way. (Also, I rushed in getting pictures this morning, so the pre-moving pictures really tell you about the space, while the others kind of show how our stuff fits in the space. I might retake those pics in better light when I have more time.)

Anyway, the empty picture here reminds me that for a hot minute, before we started looking at how to configure the space, we had planned on using this door as the entrance to our home. As I mentioned in the dining room tour post, when we got furniture into the space, we realized we wanted to use the entire length of this wall and not leave the clearance for the door. You’ll also notice the scraggy blinds on the window. The house had previously been used as two apartments, so there were a few “rental chic” touches like cheap blinds around that we had to get rid of. The previous owner did redo all of the carpeting in preparation for selling the house, which has been nice to live with in the meantime, but I am eager to rip it up and have lovely hardwood floors again.

It was fun to go around and put up lovely shades and drapes everywhere. These navy drapes are fairly light-blocking (convenient since our tv is situated on the opposite wall, so we can minimize glare for daytime watching), but I’d be open to something deliciously patterned when we tackle decorating this room. We also cleaned off the transom above the door, and during the temperate months, the transoms are open all the time. The door to this room has stained glass, though it’s not in great shape, and we’ll probably replace it (and likely get another custom piece made for it!).

I love the giant doorway to the dining room. There is a pocket door nestled in there, though it’s a bit wonky, so we haven’t used it, for fear of it getting stuck. We’ll look into fixing it if it doesn’t involve ripping out the entire wall, because it’s a cool feature. The closed door is the coat closet, which is nice and spacious. The bump-out above the closet is due to the stairs to the second floor.

That wall was the perfect spot for our giant entertainment center. We actually had an equally giant one in our old apartment and then a few weeks before we were ready to move, Tim spotted this one in a resale store near us and we decided it looked a lot nicer. I love having our TV tucked away, and the richness of the wood makes the room pretty lovely and cozy.

Absolutely one of the things I found most charming about the house as-is was the exposed brickwork. This is the same chimney that runs through the upstairs bathroom, as well as in our office upstairs (we’ll get to that on the tour eventually!). It could use a nice cleaning and sealing, since bits of brick flake off from time to time. The doorway to the right of the chimney is the stairwell, and the doorway to the left is the kitchen. (Yes, the evening sunlight in the kitchen is definitely bright enough to blow out portions of the pictures. It’s one of the reasons I love that kitchen!)

Not a whole lot has changed, except for, you know, that part of the wall that’s missing. We’ve had that ripped out since we had the plumbers in to do the upstairs bathroom. Installing a new drain would have been tricky without first-floor access. Tim and our electrician friend took advantage of the situation to install a plastic conduit from the basement to the attic as well, useful for running electric wires up and down. We actually have a GIANT piece of drywall (the ceilings downstairs are taller than 8 feet, remember) all ready to go to close this back up, but I think there’s one more thing that Tim wants to install here first, though I cannot recall what. Welcome to our home, some of our walls are open! Secretly, I kind of like living this way for a bit, it’s cool to see the “guts” of the home. We did gate off the open wall, though, so we would be less in danger of dropping things down to the basement.

For some reason, I didn’t take a picture of this corner pre-moving. There’s not a whole lot of new information here, though. It’s a lovely big wall space, I can’t wait to fully decorate this room and decide what else can join my beloved reindeer on the wall. Also, that couch has been with us since our friend moved away and gave it to us. Even though I adore it, I’m cool with replacing it, as long as the new couch is long enough to fully lay out on. We keep waffling as to whether this corner of the room is quiiite big enough for a corner couch. I am obsessed with the corner seat, I’d be snuggled into it every night if we had our very own. We’ll have to see.

Gratuitous shot of Michi getting cat dander all over the carpet before my allergic mother shows up. Have a great weekend, friends!


2 comments on “Living Room – Before

  1. […] we had the plastic sheets up, Tim took down the one wall of our living room, so the plumbers could install a new pipe and he could put an electric conduit […]

  2. […] major building/renovating/decorating project inside the house will probably be the dining room or living room. Neither of them need major work to the walls, but the floors will probably require some attention. […]

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