More art on our walls!

Okay, to be fair, only one of the pieces I’m going to feature in this post is on the wall. This is partly because we’ve only got one room finished, so anything we put up on the walls will get taken down again for a time in the future. This is also partly because I tend to waffle like crazy when it comes to driving nails in the wall. Tim is a champ. We get something he wants to hang up, he is decisive and that sucker is hung before the end of the day. I dither and ponder and the frame gets kind of dusty. Yeah, I am an awesome decorator. (But as soon as we have more finished wall spaces, I’m going to make myself get better about this sort of thing. Pinkie-swear!)

Actually, knowing this about myself is why I ended up setting this frame on the mantel. As part of my anniversary present, Tim promised me that I could purchase a photograph from a show that a friend of ours was having at a nearby restaurant. Phil has a lovely eye for detail and focus. (For a dreamy, meditative experience a few times a week, follow his blog. He posts a picture, some fragmented thoughts on it, and a link to a song. Delightful.) I had a pretty good idea of which piece I wanted before we went, and confirmed it as I looked at the photographs in the show. I’ve worked with Phil as the photographer for a promotional calendar at my work, featuring 12 gorgeous shots of Columbus and the surrounding areas. I am proud to have this cheerful photograph in my home and pleased that Tim was so thoughtful to include it as part of my present. I knew that if I waited to figure out where to hang it, I wouldn’t get to enjoy it as much, and since the included frame had an easel stand, I set it up on the mantel for the time being.

You may have spotted this cross-stitch from the scarf organization Before picture. For want of a better spot, the frame had been tucked on the bottom shelf of my bookcase, where I noticed it regularly, but no one else did. When I opened this cross-stitch a few years ago as an AWESOME Christmas present from my best friends, I clapped with glee. Trust Chrissy to put a lot of time and effort into celebrating a TV show we both love. (Her blog is marvelous, but she’s got a tiny kid, so even though she still manages to make things, she doesn’t get to blog about them very much. This makes me sad in my face, but since I disappeared for, like, 8 months, I am not one to talk.) Now that the piece is also up on the mantel, I’ve had two separate people ask about it. I am excessively enthusiastic when explaining it, underscoring my sheer nerdiness. Since this is the Internet, I’ll just put the Youtube clip from the pilot of Firefly (in which affably goofy pilot Wash plays out an amusing tableau with his plastic dinosaurs, just before Trouble Strikes) below:

Here’s a shot of the pieces together. Beauty and goofiness together, just how I like it.

Finally, I purchased this letterpress print from Igloo Letterpress for Tim for Christmas last year. The Foodie Print is a collaboration with the Hills Market, a specialty grocery store that carries tons of local products. (Currently, their location is nowhere close to us and we hate to drive 20 minutes to the far suburbs just to get some local stuff, but a second location is opening downtown in December. Hurrah!) It’s a lovely reminder to be mindful of the things that we eat and how we shop and support our community (and our health). It doesn’t mean that we don’t scarf down an entire bag of Salt and Pepper chips from Giant Eagle in the space of a single weekend. But it does remind us to take incremental steps when we can. Also, I purchased this print unframed, from a lovely Holiday Open House that Igloo held (they throw the best parties, and I’m noticing they’re having another this Saturday, which I think I need to add to my calendar now), and before the end of January, Tim had it in a frame and on the wall. Meanwhile, the print I made for myself at that same party is propped up on my bookshelf, slightly curling and in want of a frame. Yeah, he is way more awesome at this than I am.

Expect the next art update to include that print as well as a lovely print from a French designer that I was smitten with and ordered within an hour of seeing it posted on a blog. For the other art on our walls, don’t miss the first post about it last year.


2 comments on “More art on our walls!

  1. pcadams says:

    Thanks for featuring my work, Kate. Hugs!

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