Outside – Before

Last weekend, partly in an attempt to battle the cold temperatures inside our house (as I mentioned, our furnace is busted, but we’ll be getting a new one installed next week), partly because our yard is bare and it needed it, but mostly because Tim’s mom bought us a joint birthday present of some rocking plants, we took on some major yardwork. I had been meaning to post some pictures of the yard so we would have a starting point (we have Thoughts on what to do on the outside of the house) to show y’all, but I kept putting off doing it. Saturday, with a carful of shrubs and trees from the nursery (seriously, pictures in the next post), I darted around snapping a few before shots. I’ll follow up tomorrow with the results of a long weekend’s worth of plant-picking and plant-planting.

Okay, this photo is actually one Tim snagged right as work commenced on our sidewalk (thus the pile of bricks in the foreground). Cheerful, tiny front yard, with not a lot to it.

We managed a modest amount of landscaping during the spring and summer. These beds along our porch and house were a WEEDY mess for a long time. We planted some lovely bulbs, which the horrible hot weather may have killed off. Proof that we did have colorful flowers for, like, a hot minute.

Okay, now pictures from the weekend. We got some mums from the nursery, I’m obsessed with their cheerful fall color. Our yard is bare, bare, bare (but now has lovely lush grass on either side of the sidewalk!).

Another mum, another angle. You can see that our front yard is not big. We kind of love it that way, which is why we were cool with buying in an urban neighborhood.

Empty, awkward shape of grass on the other side of our entrance walk. It really only exists to be mowed at an annoying slope.

The bulbs we planted in this little bed in front of the porch are dunzo, I think. Also, this shows you what kind of shape our porch is in: decent, but slightly peeling. It’s on the list.

Where our porch meets our neighbor’s chain link fence. We planted something awesome here, I just wanted a good before/after comparison.

This garage is Tim’s pride and joy. Or something. It basically spans the width of the backyard. The shrub by the door is a forsythia, which we got from a friend of ours. I love the old wives’ tale about there being three snows after the forsythia blooms. Basically, I think those yellow flowers are pretty badass in the snow, so I jumped at the chance to get a cutting from her.

The north side of our yard (the south side had a bunch of plants lined up against it, but you’ll see more of it in tomorrow’s post). Lovely AC unit, plus the peach tree I bought for Tim’s birthday two years ago just after we moved into the house. Our yard is crazy-uneven and full of dead grass and straw right now. We plan on gardening a wide strip along the north side, so we weren’t too fussed with making it perfect just yet. You can also see part of our ratty patio, as well as the weathered wooden stairs to our second floor.

So there we have it, as much as a Before as we got. Which, really, if I’d taken pictures right when we moved in, you’d see the patio was crazy-weedy, plus there were no planting beds of any kind. We also planted the peach tree and forsythia in the past two years. However, compared to what followed this weekend, this was a total Before. See you tomorrow for some awesome plants and some overuse of the phrase “year-round interest!”


3 comments on “Outside – Before

  1. chiclygreen says:

    I’m excited to see what you did with it. Your house is so cute, and has real curb-appeal potential.

  2. Doug and Marty Huss says:

    You forgot to mention the poison ivy (I think it was) in the weeds by the patio. I am anxious to see the after photos.

  3. […] that I used the word “tomorrow” several times in Thursday’s post about the state of our yard before we planted a bunch of stuff. That was intentional, so I would guilt myself into not putting […]

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