Around here

We had a busy weekend, full of…a lot of randomness. Nothing of note, and yet a few things to share.

Our king winter hawthorn tree seems to be doing well. The leaves are beginning to change color (at least, I’m banking on that being an Autumn-thing and not a we-accidentally-killed-the-tree-during-planting-thing) and the berries seem to have gotten even redder. I am hoping that the holly bushes get berry-ful pretty quickly, too. Tim and I have started to notice holly bushes, tall grasses, and berry trees like crazy in our neighborhood while walking.

As an early birthday present, I took a cooking “class” (it was really more of a demonstration) at the North Market as part of their School of Cooking, from Chef Magdiale Wolmark of Till Dynamic Fare (formerly of Dragonfly and On the Fly, two of our favorite restaurants). It was great, as well as delicious, and I left armed with recipes for a few Dragonfly favorites, butternut squash spread and vegan mac and cheese sauce. I had to try recreating the spread right away, and it involved garlic oil. Rather than reach for the bottle garlic oil we have in our well-organized cabinet, I opted to try and make my own garlic confit. That lovely jelly jar full of cooked garlic and delicious oil is now hanging out in the fridge, and I look forward to smooshing a clove of garlic on a piece of bread and savoring every bite.

Tim continues his habit of purchasing random household supplies that secretly delight me. He’s fighting the tail end of a cold and had to pick up tissues in the store last week. I hadn’t realized for a few days that the box in the downstairs bathroom is lovely and stripey. And I am crazy for stripes. When I finally spotted it, I mentioned it to him that evening and he grinned that I was so amused. That, my friends, is love.

Anyway, I am nursing some cowbell-related blisters I developed while cheering for the Columbus marathon yesterday, and I am about to dive into baking for an upcoming family trip. Just wanted to drop in and share some things of amusement! Hope your weekend was great!

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2 comments on “Around here

  1. Doug & Marty Huss says:

    Does the baking include delighting your Dad with ginger snaps?

  2. chiclygreen says:

    It’s confirmed. I am still in love with your tree, and may have to get one for my own yard!

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