About Us

Little Bronze Lion is about the journey of making a house into a home.

We bought our first house in August of 2010. It needed a lot of work and has become a labor of love. We’re doing most of the work ourselves, to do things cost-effectively, to bond, to have a satisfying project, and to make sure everything is done right.

Tim has lots of some experience in home renovation and maintenance, and teaches himself how to do what he doesn’t already know from experience. He believes that the most important factor in doing things is having the confidence that you CAN do them. (Ask him about getting a 32-foot extension ladder home in our car.)

Kate has done way less of this stuff in her life, but she sure does like looking at 6 nearly-identical paint swatches with a furrowed brow. She is already proud to have taken a shine to grouting and especially likes cutting copper pipes.

We like watching HGTV, but we love watching This Old House. (Seriously, how cool is the Los Angeles Project going to be?)

We hope that you enjoy hearing about our progress. Along the way, we’ll probably talk about food, friends, Friday night dates at the hardware store, and our cats. Welcome!


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