Inspiration: Prairie-style stained glass

Tim and I are headed off to Franklin Art Glass Studios tomorrow morning to discuss our options in creating a custom piece of stained glass for our bathroom door. I realize this sounds a skosh ridiculous, but it’s within our budget to make that (custom-built) door exceedingly beautiful and we’re really excited about it. When we were first discussing the possibility and what style we’d want to use, Tim and I kept gravitating towards prairie-style art glass. The modern look and clean lines held some real appeal and we liked how most examples used a largely neutral palette, with touches of color. We plan to go to the studio armed with a sample of the mosaic tile we used and pictures that I gathered up of some of our favorite styles. It will surprise no one who knows enough about my style and background that I scrounged up a TON of beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright art glass to draw the final design from. I thought I’d share some of the fantastic pieces I found.



The Willits House is one of my favorite examples of FLW art glass. Those windows in sequence in the dining room are so marvelous, it’s the exact right amount of “decorative” for me, without being fussy. The rhythm of the verticals also makes me super-happy, especially the groupings of three at the top corners of the windows.

Oh, there’s way more stained glass goodness inside.