Front Bedroom – Before

As I mentioned, our next major project is going to be the front bedroom. We’re going to do some major stuff in the back bedroom, making it into a master suite, but it’ll be one of the last projects we get to, probably even after the kitchen remodel. For the time being, the back bedroom is also our tool room, so having a renovated front bedroom where we can completely get away from all reno stuff will be a lovely little haven. We’ll probably get started on this project when the weather cools off a little, but let’s take a look at what the room looks like these days!

The door on the left leads to the hallway (and is directly opposite the upstairs bathroom door), while the door on the right is to the tiniest closet ever. Seriously, it is 9″ deep, you can’t even put a crossbar with hangers in there.

The rest of the front bedroom is inside. It is a white box with crappy plaster. Really.