Downstairs bathroom – cabinets and appliances

Previously on “Oh, lord, can we please do laundry in our own home again”: we ripped up half a bathroom and then we put a bunch of finish materials in (with some plumbing and electrical work in between that I did not photograph).

We wanted the laundry room to be as functional as possible, so we thought about what things might give it a boost. Raising the appliances up meant we wouldn’t be stooping to pull things out of the dryer (and Tim checked to make sure our platform would also work for current popular appliance models, so when we’re ready to upgrade, everything should still work out fine). We didn’t want the window to be blocked, so we replaced it with a smaller one. We also knew that storage would come into play, keeping all of the necessary laundry powders and soaps nearby, along with some stain treatments and a bucket of clothespins, etc. We hunted around for some cabinets and then found some awesome options on sale in an outlet in Columbus, with tons of different widths, so we could maximize the amount of cabinet along the length of the wall.

More “finished” laundry room inside!