Dining Room – Before

Okay, after all of the projects and cooking and general life stuff, let’s get back to talking about our home! Next up on the house tour is the dining room, which you got a little bit of a peek at when I wrote about our awesome dining room table and how it came to live with us. Other than putting in furniture and hanging the cross-stitch, we haven’t done anything to this room yet.

The door configuration to our house throws people a little. As you walk up the front porch, you’d expect the door directly in front of you to be the entrance to the house and we had intended to use it as such for awhile. (In fact, the little bronze lion got installed on that door at first, and then moved over many months later.) After getting our furniture into the space, it became clear that we’d be able to better utilize the space in front of the door into the living room for seating, so we started using the door to the dining room as the main entrance. It’s always fun to confuse door-to-door types by coming to the door they don’t expect to be opened. That transom above the door is functional and I love it. Most of our windows are low enough to the ground that there’s no way we can leave them unlocked/open overnight or when we’re gone during the day, so on warm days the transoms are awesome to get a little air circulating throughout the house.

A decorative fireplace and Tim’s interpretation of a chandelier inside!


Spotlight On: Dining Room Table

We have mostly held off on buying new furniture for the house, as we don’t want to lock ourselves into anything until we’re thinking about the room as a whole when we come to it in the remodel. The only time when we’ve gone against this “rule” is the case of our dining room table.

Tim was the major driving force behind us getting the table. We had been using some iron and glass patio tables of his whenever we threw a dinner party, and they were functional, though very cramped. My parents were coming for Christmas, in order to cut down on the amount of driving across Pennsylvania (we had family parties in Ohio shortly after), so we’d be enjoying a few nice meals during their visit. We had also volunteered to host our friends’ potluck winter holiday celebration at our house the following week. Tim made the (totally right) decision that we needed to track down a table, which is how we ended up spending the weekend before Christmas driving all over Columbus to check some out. He’d contacted a few people on Craigslist that had tables for sale, and we scoured some thrift and antique stores in the area. We even had a handful of furniture retailers on a list, though both of us were more taken with the idea of getting a used piece with some character. Finally, the last Craigslist appointment came through and we saw our beautiful 50s table and told the people to hold it while we ran to the ATM and rented a truck super-fast.

You might be able to tell from the picture that the silhouette of the table top is pretty neat, slightly bowed out in the middle in that mid-century modern way. It seats six very comfortably and there is finally room to have all of the dishes of food on the table, instead of back in the kitchen or set up on a trunk nearby. It is really a gorgeous piece of furniture and we know it’ll work with whatever look we go for in the room, especially because we can reupholster the chairs as necessary and the wood is fairly neutral.

This picture is a touch blurry, but the detail on the chairs and the ends of the table is just so dreamy. That beautiful cane work was what sold me, and we love the head chair with arms. We loaded it in the truck and set it up at home immediately and then went to Target and World Market the next day for linens and a table pad. I am kicking myself for never having taken a picture of the table fully set, because as my parents will attest, I am kind of detail-oriented when it comes to laying the table for a special meal. (True story, I used to comb the fringe out on my parents dining room rug as part of the process. Yes.)

We love having a quality piece of furniture to not only share meals with our family and friends around, but also play games at as well. This table has already seen a fair number of games of Quiddler (doesn’t that sound delightfully Harry Potter-esque?) and one intense round of Buzzword. I’m glad that beautiful table will be a part of memories we’ll be making for years to come.