Downstairs bathroom – framing and flooring

I like to think of the next phase of the laundry room construction as “boy are we glad that we now have appropriate nail guns.” We did all of the framing work in the upstairs bathroom with a normal hammer (and by we, I mean Tim, because it turns out that I do not have the kind of power it takes to drive framing nails, eesh), and Tim kept talking about how we’d get an air compressor and nail guns for future projects. It turns out that they make things go so very much faster. We built a platform to raise the washer and dryer off the floor (we considered putting storage under the platform, but looking at drawer kits, we quickly realized that we weren’t going to gain a whole lot in storage and it didn’t seem worth the trouble), as well as reworking the area around the door we removed and the window we replaced. The heavy duty nail gun made those projects…not a breeze per se, but certainly move much more quickly. Then we busted out the finish nailer for some trim.

Here you can see the platform in all its glory. It had to be pretty hefty to guarantee to hold the weight of a washer full of water and a dryer of wet clothes, but we’re pretty sure it isn’t going anywhere.

The nail gun makes me either think of Tim the Tool-Man Taylor or The Wire. I think both references are fine. More inside!