Refreshing patio furniture

When we volunteered to host my dad’s surprise 65th birthday party, suddenly a lot of little things seemed like necessary improvements in the weeks leading up to the party. Tim spearheaded a bunch of these tasks: clean out the garage (and man, it looks AWESOME), tackle the insane weed problem happening on the brick patio, deal with the mosquito population that seems to have set up camp under our deck. None of it was super-pressing, but we knew our list would make our guests more comfortable and make us feel better about showing off our house to a lot of people who hadn’t visited it yet.

One item on the list that Tim identified was cleaning up some patio furniture we’d been using for ages. (I don’t remember the full history of the set, but I think at one point, Tim’s mom owned it and it was painted a pale pink. The glass-topped tables have been dining furniture in a few of Tim’s apartments, as well as our first apartment together, and in the dining room of this house, before we bought a proper dining set.) Every now and then, we’d comment on the flaking paint and think “oh, we could sand that down and repaint it someday.” Turns out, Dad’s party was the perfect impetus for “someday.” So with prompting from Tim, I rolled up my figurative sleeves and tackled the set, which consisted of two table frames and five chairs, decorated with scrolls and ivy leaves.

From flaky to fresh, pictures inside!