Living Room – Before

Okay, this has been a bonkers week. Trying to get back into the routine of things is always hard. My parents are coming for the weekend to cheer on some Buckeyes, so I took advantage of the clean house to snap some photos for another house tour post. Welcome to our living room!

I continue to be deeply grateful that we took pictures of the house empty before we moved in. The idea for the blog came along later, but Tim was always interested in documenting our progress on the house, so we photographed a lot of stuff along the way. (Also, I rushed in getting pictures this morning, so the pre-moving pictures really tell you about the space, while the others kind of show how our stuff fits in the space. I might retake those pics in better light when I have more time.)

Anyway, the empty picture here reminds me that for a hot minute, before we started looking at how to configure the space, we had planned on using this door as the entrance to our home. As I mentioned in the dining room tour post, when we got furniture into the space, we realized we wanted to use the entire length of this wall and not leave the clearance for the door. You’ll also notice the scraggy blinds on the window. The house had previously been used as two apartments, so there were a few “rental chic” touches like cheap blinds around that we had to get rid of. The previous owner did redo all of the carpeting in preparation for selling the house, which has been nice to live with in the meantime, but I am eager to rip it up and have lovely hardwood floors again.

There’s a wall missing inside! We are not fussed by living with exposed plumbing for over a year!


Kitchen – Before

There is a project that went down this weekend, but before I show you, I wanted to do a kitchen tour so there was a Before and After situation. Without further ado, this is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in (oh, so empty and clean!) and what it looks like now (oh, such useful storage and surfaces!). Enjoy!

Rest of the tour inside!

Front Bedroom – Before

As I mentioned, our next major project is going to be the front bedroom. We’re going to do some major stuff in the back bedroom, making it into a master suite, but it’ll be one of the last projects we get to, probably even after the kitchen remodel. For the time being, the back bedroom is also our tool room, so having a renovated front bedroom where we can completely get away from all reno stuff will be a lovely little haven. We’ll probably get started on this project when the weather cools off a little, but let’s take a look at what the room looks like these days!

The door on the left leads to the hallway (and is directly opposite the upstairs bathroom door), while the door on the right is to the tiniest closet ever. Seriously, it is 9″ deep, you can’t even put a crossbar with hangers in there.

The rest of the front bedroom is inside. It is a white box with crappy plaster. Really.

Dining Room – Before

Okay, after all of the projects and cooking and general life stuff, let’s get back to talking about our home! Next up on the house tour is the dining room, which you got a little bit of a peek at when I wrote about our awesome dining room table and how it came to live with us. Other than putting in furniture and hanging the cross-stitch, we haven’t done anything to this room yet.

The door configuration to our house throws people a little. As you walk up the front porch, you’d expect the door directly in front of you to be the entrance to the house and we had intended to use it as such for awhile. (In fact, the little bronze lion got installed on that door at first, and then moved over many months later.) After getting our furniture into the space, it became clear that we’d be able to better utilize the space in front of the door into the living room for seating, so we started using the door to the dining room as the main entrance. It’s always fun to confuse door-to-door types by coming to the door they don’t expect to be opened. That transom above the door is functional and I love it. Most of our windows are low enough to the ground that there’s no way we can leave them unlocked/open overnight or when we’re gone during the day, so on warm days the transoms are awesome to get a little air circulating throughout the house.

A decorative fireplace and Tim’s interpretation of a chandelier inside!

Downstairs Bathroom – Before

In lieu of updating you on the weekend (because we worked on non-house projects all weekend, some of which we can share next week), I thought I’d continue our house tour. The next project we’re going to take on is the downstairs bathroom, and I’ve got some before and current pictures to show you what is there and what we’re going to change. For the record, we’re mostly planning on ripping out a few things in the first wave of renovation downstairs (though we can’t decide how much of the plaster should come down) and installing a platform and laundry, but leaving most of the bathroom alone until we start work on the kitchen. That way we can deal with getting the floor level and all of the tile and be in the same frame of mind about decorative details since the downstairs bathroom and kitchen are so connected.

Click here to see more. Also, it’s sort of like bathtub gin, except classy.

Upstairs Bathroom – Current

It’ll take way too long to detail everything we did to the bathroom if I try to include it all now, so I want to show you where we’re at now, and we might go back and fill in on how specific projects went, or just share the many, many photos we’ve taken along the way. (We were determined from the start to document this process pretty well, since we knew the transformation of most of the rooms would be pretty dramatic.) To compare how far we’ve come, make sure to check out what the bathroom looked like before.

1) The window has been replaced with a custom-order awning-style window with privacy glass. It is a thing of beauty. Having an open window in the shower is super refreshing, and being able to spot a blue sky while I’m scrubbing down has this weird effect of making me ready to tackle the day. Tim found the marble for the sill at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and we ended up using it in the shower niche as well. Tim has determined that the sill is an ideal place to put your shower beer if you need to unwind after hauling 6 sheets of drywall home from the hardware store.

Oh, there is much more to this post if you click here.