Making over a thrift store centerpiece

Okay, one last post about the decorations for Sandy’s retirement party, and then I swear, we can all go on with our lives. I saved this one last, because I wasn’t quite as happy with the items turned out, but if I can’t share the things I’ve learned, then no one really benefits, right?

Look inside for some makeovers and mistakes.


Light Carrot Cake and the Challenges of Tube Frosting

Let’s switch gears a little bit and talk cake. When discussing the menu for Sandy’s retirement party with Tim, I asked if there was a dessert planned, or he wanted me to bake something. Tim said that his sister was going to get some ice cream, but then mused that a cake would be a good idea. I asked what kind of cake Sandy enjoyed and he responded immediately “carrot cake.” I’d never baked a carrot cake before, but was game to try, so I started leafing through the two giant baking books I owned. Even though Martha’s variation with fresh ginger was intriguing, I landed on a recipe for Light Carrot Cake in the America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. It boasted only a half-cup of vegetable oil and 3 eggs (apparently carrot cakes tend to have much higher quantities of those ingredients) and I know that Sandy appreciates lightened desserts, so I thought I’d try it out.

Click for cake. Erm, or a story about and picture of cake. I cannot promise you cake. The Internet is not that advanced yet.