Living Room – Before

Okay, this has been a bonkers week. Trying to get back into the routine of things is always hard. My parents are coming for the weekend to cheer on some Buckeyes, so I took advantage of the clean house to snap some photos for another house tour post. Welcome to our living room!

I continue to be deeply grateful that we took pictures of the house empty before we moved in. The idea for the blog came along later, but Tim was always interested in documenting our progress on the house, so we photographed a lot of stuff along the way. (Also, I rushed in getting pictures this morning, so the pre-moving pictures really tell you about the space, while the others kind of show how our stuff fits in the space. I might retake those pics in better light when I have more time.)

Anyway, the empty picture here reminds me that for a hot minute, before we started looking at how to configure the space, we had planned on using this door as the entrance to our home. As I mentioned in the dining room tour post, when we got furniture into the space, we realized we wanted to use the entire length of this wall and not leave the clearance for the door. You’ll also notice the scraggy blinds on the window. The house had previously been used as two apartments, so there were a few “rental chic” touches like cheap blinds around that we had to get rid of. The previous owner did redo all of the carpeting in preparation for selling the house, which has been nice to live with in the meantime, but I am eager to rip it up and have lovely hardwood floors again.

There’s a wall missing inside! We are not fussed by living with exposed plumbing for over a year!