Sewing machine cover

Every now and then I get bitten by the desire to go ahead and improve the heck out of something that doesn’t necessarily need it, but it looks tons better for the effort. After dealing with a few skirts with falling hems last week and figuring out my sewing machine has a blind hem stitch built in, I taught myself to use the stitch and got very excited by the results. Spending a few hours with my sewing machine always renews my enthusiasm for it (not that I amĀ unenthusiastic about it ever, but I hate that the first step of basically any sewing project is measuring and cutting things, which I tend to have little patience for).

Patting myself on the back for such a professional mending job, I was all set to pack up my sewing machine and stow it back on the darling little sewing table Tim’s mom got me for Christmas last year, when it struck me how boring the white vinyl cover for the machine is. Honestly, it’s such a pretty little machine, robin’s-egg blue, a gift from Tim a few years ago after I’d repeatedly said that I wouldn’t buy one for myself, as I’d always feel guilty if I didn’t use it a particular amount. (This is not me planting a gift idea, this is literally how I weigh what I’ll purchase for myself. The algebra of whether I’m cool with the asking price vs the quality of the item vs how much use I expect to get out of it, it is some very complicated mathematics up in my head.) If I could let it sit out on display (and to entice me to use it more often), I would, but I know that ordinary dust can wreak havoc on the inner workings, so I dutifully pack it up each time I’m finished.

This time, however, the white vinyl cover just seemed so blah. I thought to myself how many lovely fabrics I have that are left over from projects and from the remnant bin at Joanns (my complex buying mathematics somehow don’t seem to apply to craft materials, when I will buy anything that strikes me, whether I can think of an applicable project or not) and eyed up the cover. It was basically a white box. Surely I could recreate it. Things get much prettier inside!