Weekend Update – Countertop and backsplash

After a weekend full of football and renovation, we are a few steps away from a functional vanity. Life is delightful.

1) Tim arranges tile on Friday, while we try to decide on layout. 2) Applying marble adhesive to the wall. 3) Tile installed.

Tim was raring to go on things when I got home from work on Friday, so he cut all of the tile for the backsplash and the marble for the countertop on the vanity (after a minor repair on the tile saw: maybe not so much with not cleaning the pump before storing it for a few months), while I smoothed the edges of the marble with a rubbing block. We got the marble for the counter at Buckeye Marble and Granite, during a remnant sale they were having, since we had such a small area to cover. (They had some big pieces, too, so if you’re looking for a larger piece of stone, that’s a great place to start.) They included finished edges in the price of our piece, but since we weren’t sure how wide we’d need it, we only had them finish the front and one side. I managed to replicate the bevel on the unfinished side pretty well and round the corner, so the two sides of the vanity more or less match.

More discussion of grout and pictures of marble inside!